You are better than you think!

[in Dutch: Je bent beter dan je denkt]
I often come across people who make themselves smaller than they need to be. Maybe you do that too? That is a pity. For yourself, and for those around you. That’s what I mean by: you’re better than you think.

Moreover, you are more than you think. A human being is so much more than just his thoughts and also more than his behaviour.

By letting you see and feel that, you can become even more the person that you really are. I notice a lot and say that. Often with humour. I do that in organisations, in teams and one on one. And I do that in English!

It’s all about depth and concrete results. And it’s about having fun and being serious.

I love the paradox!

The essence:

  • I believe in the power of stories
  • Working with film, because film touches!
  • Coach for leaders, teams and organisations.
  • Trainer focused on increasing impact.
  • Specialised in leadership development.

Stories and Film

During my work, I almost always use film. Films, but also film clips, speed up the gaining of insight, increase the emotional connection and show concrete examples of behaviour. In short, film deepens and accelerates learning and, not unimportantly, makes learning even more fun.

You can use film fragments for all kinds of purposes. To lighten things up, as feedback, to offer new insights or as the start of a discussion about, for example, the course of an organisation. I almost always use fragments to speed up learning.
In order to learn more about yourself and the story you tell yourself, three things are important: insight, feeling and inspiration.

Head, heart and hands are all involved in learning. Experience shows that these three aspects are present in a well-chosen film clip at the same time. And that helps. It speeds up learning. The viewer feels and sees what is happening, including beautifully designed example behaviour. This brings the action perspective very close. I want to do it more or less the same way! Or: ‘I really don’t want to do it like that’.

For a short introduction (English subtitles):

Robbert Braak   Jebentbeterdanjedenkt  Werken met film! - youtube

I have been using film in my work for about 15 years now with good results.

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